NW ACDA's 2016 Conference

Please accept my personal invitation to attend this fantastic conference. It's happening March 3-6, 2016 in Seattle. Plan for it. Register now. Be inspired by "Inspire." Yes, that's what the conference is so aptly named! You'll be glad you attended. I'll look for you!
Brian Mitchell, President, WA ACDA


Washington's Summer Institute, July 20-22

Spread the word. Invite your choral colleagues from all around
the country. Washington's SI is the place to be. Fun, food, fantastic
learning opportunities...this year with the incomparable Rollo
Dilworth. Julie Parsons, Pres-Elect


Your online newsletter

Articles from our officers and colleagues...a source for great info and suggestions. It's called UNISON (one voice). Learn from the best...your colleagues. Just take a look at this fine newsletter resource in two formats...
In BLOG form on WordPress and in our traditional online form.

Your WA ACDA Board

These talented and giving people have one thing in mind; serving the needs of choral people in Washington. They work selflessly with each other and on your behalf. Find out more about them. See photos and contact information.

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Our Washington ACDA officers give a huge number of hours in serving the choral community. They are (left to right) Brian Mitchell, President, 2014-2016 (Longview), Julie Parsons, President-Elect (Seattle), and Tim Fitzpatrick, Vice-President (Bellingham)

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We welcome you as an ACDA member. This is a group of people who lay aside ego and competition and genuinely work to help each other in making choral music an inspiration in the lives of singers of any age and type of group. Join us! You will find ACDA helpful to you.


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We welcome your emails or phone calls. Your suggestions and questions are important to us. You may use links for email on the officers or the board pages. Many also include phone numbers. We're delighted to hear from you. Your ideas and questions are valued!

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